A new epoch in visitor engagement

Mobility and the advent of ubiquitous smartphones is one of the most disruptive developments in modern history.

Today’s customers can book a hotel, a surf lesson and flights on their phones, laptops, tablets and even over voice command!

Just as Uber has completely disrupted the taxi business globally, smartphone technology is completely disrupting visitors expectations when traveling.

We specialise in helping Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, Botanic Gardens, Public Attractions and Educational Institutions embrace this mobile revolution

Organisations can maximise their business effectiveness by creating deeper engagement with their visitors.

Solving real world problems

  • What’s on?
  • Where is it?
  • How do I get to it?
  • How do I know it wont be full or closed when I get there?

Engaging younger visitors

  • Fun, interactive activities
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Virtual Badge Collection
  • Community Engagement

Embracing wearable technology

  • Event Notifications on your wrist
  • Progress tracking and fitness reporting
  • Haptic Engine of Apple Watch and Android GEAR provides enhanced accessibility options for visitors with special needs

Engage visitors in their language

  • Provide immersive interpretation information in any language
  • Combine any form of media, including Audio Tours, Video commentary etc.
  • Cater for visitors with special needs

Connect Physical Spaces to Digital Spaces

  • Use GeoFencing to deliver targeted, contextualised content at any outdoor location, quickly and easily.
  • Use Beacon Technology to trigger content delivery indoors
  • Seamlessly combine both technologies for way finding and visitor guidance

Operate completely offline

  • Solve the problem of data usage and roaming charges for foreign visitors
  • Intelligent Pre-Sync system provides for fully autonomous App usage
  • Prepare for your visit, or download whilst queuing at ticketing

Enhance the visitors experience with the latest Augmented Reality Technology

Unlock visitor’s imagination - surprise and delight by combining digital and physical worlds.

AR Navigation

  • All navigation and tour components support real time AR mode
  • Dynamic, Turn by Turn instruction overlays provided for visitors as they navigate.

Be Connected

  • Quickly create curated tours on the fly
  • Revolutionise the delivery of interpretation information
  • Inform visitors of latest events, what’s in flower this month, and new trails
  • Allow visitors to create their own dynamic trails
  • Encourage repeat visitation with trail tracking, highlights, audio tours and social sharing.

Self Guided Tours

  • Created easily and dynamically by your own staff
  • Enhance interpretation trails with Audio, Video, links to reference sites, plant information and more.

Capture the moment

  • Encourage users to capture video, audio, and photos during their visit to the gardens.
  • Save and share digital post-cards via social media
  • All captured material automatically stored on the visitor’s Journal

Re-live and share the moment

  • All journal entries record time, date and location.
  • Quickly review where exactly a particular photo was taken.
  • Share with direct linkages to social media including WeChat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Our Interactive Way-Finding Maps

  • Comprehensive, fully configurable search capabilities
  • Quickly discover where amenities, attractions or shows are located
  • Interactive map with dynamic routing and fully configurable pathways
  • Real time turn-by-turn instructions
  • Unique “Around me now” AR scanner.
  • Allows visitors to see in real time which attractions they are facing, and their distance from current location.

Cloud based Management and Tracking Platform

  • Scalable, robust, Content Management Solution for all App content, trigger points and data.
  • Sophisticated events management console for setup and management of recurring events, including real time queue management, status alerts etc
  • Provides comprehensive mapping engine include routing layers, points of interest, GeoFences and beacon management.
  • Provides BIG data analytics and reporting console Supports multiple roles for team management and mobile updating on the fly.

Analytics Dashboard provides deep insights into app usage and visitor habits.

Real Time Heat Map reporting of visitor movements

Customisable reports and deep data analytics. Dwell times, session times, and App user demographics and visitor flow.

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