Proximity eLockers has grown out from our experience and understanding of the international education market.

Our flagship eLocker product, School eLockers and Campus eLockers, are being used by leading universities, colleges and schools in over 30 countries worldwide.

We believe the link to education is also a vital component for Galleries and Museums. 

Learning Pathways

Proximity eLockers allows educationalists to quickly design and define Learning Pathways through an exhibition or gallery. 
Challenge based learning, personal content portfolios, and the ability to un-lock content based on the specific installations interacted with by a visitor to a museum or gallery, provide exciting new ways to extend the relationship with the student or class, beyond the physical visit.

Curriculum Mapping

Our unique CurationMapping system allows exhibition content to be automatically tagged and mapped to any desired curriculum.  Any curriculum taxonomy can be pre-set within a CurationMap.  This provides and extremely powerful resource for teachers and students when attending a Museum or Gallery. 

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